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The ABCS of Learning and Reporting Black Facts

African Rebranded Millennium Project

A. Searching online for BLACK FACTS  can be done effectively on the major search engines, and there are many search engines to choose from in 2019.

For example

The Best Search Engines of 2019

  1. Google Search.
  2. Duck Duck Go Search.
  3. Bing Search.
  4. Dogpile Search.
  5. Yippy Search.
click The Best Search Engines of 2019

B. Type in the search bar words express the subject of interest, such as:  Black Inventions

A list of websites on the subject comes up first. Click on the one most interesting.

For example, under a search for Black Inventions, by clicking on BLACK FACTS about nine black inventions that made daily life easier for millions are discussed.

C. Learning ONE BLACK FACT, you are now ready to tell the truth about the value of Black lives. African Rebranded Millennium Project strives in our development as a new entity to become your resource for the study of BLACK FACTS.