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You may have known me for years as Abiwa, or more recently experienced the essence of my poetry penned under the name: Dr. Patricia Williams Diaw. Whatever the case, I hope you realize from listening below that each poem is written from that place within my being where our hearts unite.


ABOUT THE PUBLISHER. Two Smiles for a Child, LLC (Two Smiles) is the publisher of Recipe: Thirty-Two Poems about Life. For more than thirty years, through educational programs, professional storytelling, community organizing, lecturing, presenting workshops, authoring books/articles, and publishing, Two Smiles has serviced thousands of youth (in Delaware County, Pennsylvania; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Wilmington, Delaware; Hudson Country, Jersey City; (Harlem) New York City, New York; Petersburg, Virginia; Sacramento, California; Gainesville, Florida; the Caribbean Islands, South America, and Africa). At this juncture, Two Smiles for a Child Global (Two Smiles Global) is forming as a charitable organization. The intention and mission is to provide clothing, and temporary shelter to children who live in West Africa, and continue its rich tradition in the U.S. of offering its clients educational products and culturally enriching services. The proceeds from  book sales are invested into the establishment of Two Smiles Global. Thank you for purchasing a copy of Recipe: Thirty Two Poems about Life.

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 P  O  E  T  R  Y    P   O  E  T  R  Y       

           G A L L E R Y

A Mother’ Poem: Gift Beyond Measure, 

Young spiritual warrior

standing tall

strong and courteous

love's burdens on his shoulders

awaiting his reward

Sweet ways

handsome smile

tender words

hard worker

full of love

Sterling’s  nephew

Abiwa's heart

Oswald's joy

blessing now

promise for the future

May the angels descend from on high

protect and defend

such a virtuous being

Ananda, my bliss



      patricia williams  diaw             

Originally published in Essence Magazine,       July 2004


Preheat a skillet of love

Evenly coat the bottom with

a few drops of sweetness

Chop the following ingredients finely:

One clove of bitter experiences

1 cup of painful regrets

2 sprigs of sad memories

Sauté slowly for what

seems like an eternity

Add ½ cup of grace

and forgiveness

2 cups of positive visions

Simmer until gentle

In a separate pan

Place strips

of African stories to tell

and spicy poetry

 Pour in generous portions

of family life, graduate school,

and trips to Senegal

Add finely chopped ingredients

for personality

Stir ingredients until they

blend into community

Place in the oven of life and

bake on a high flame of surrender

Remove from heat and let 

Ingredients settle into character

Place on a plate and

Garnish with thinly sliced

integrity and faith

Serve with a glass of joy,

praise and devotion


Copyright (c) 2004 by Patricia Williams Diaw

                   A New Song to Sing


Full of hope

I sing a rapturous melody

A song of cheer

Within our mind

No trace of fear

In harmony sing:

U      n    i    t    y!

U      n    i    t    y!

U      n    i    t    y!

Copyright (c) 2011 by Patricia Williams Diaw


Dedicated to the Memory of Lula Nancy Ballard and Gladys Olive Barrow


By Patricia Williams Diaw 


Impressions of life

Left here, in my heart

I shall love you more

Than you will ever know

Bitter tears of regret

Shall never flow

From these young eyes!

May I confess the source?

Please, please

Step forward

This is your day,

Accept my applause

It’s just a token of my love

I hold in high esteem

You, whose beauty is expressed,

In every word, in every deed

I am the tender branch of your love tree



Copyright (c) 2011 by Patricia Williams Diaw


Recipe: Thirty-Two Poems

by Patricia Williams Diaw

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