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Two Smiles Goes to West Africa

   The Gambia                                     (2013-2014)
 Dakar Senegal                                  (2014-2017)
For more than thirty years, through educational programing, professional storytelling, community organizing, lecturing presenting workshops, authoring, books/articles, publishing, and much more, Two Smiles has reached thousands of youth  (in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Wilmington, Delaware, Hudson County, New Jersey, (Harlem) New York City, New York, Petersburg, Virginia, Sacramento, California, Gainesville Florida, Washington, D. C. the Caribbean Islands, South America, and Africa.
For more than two years, Two Smiles has been active in West Africa, serving hundreds of African students (six months in Gambia, two years in Dakar). 

It all began in 2001......

In 2012, I write the story.


Thousands of boys, ages 5-16, walk the streets of Dakar Senegal  (a country located on the western coastline of Africa)  soliciting contributions, day and night. In 2002, I sat in a cab parked in front of a convenience store in Dakar. Three boys  approached me. With a look of complete disorientation, the youngest boy (around seven years old) timidly asked for charity. On that memorable day ten years ago, a young child thrust a tin-can through the open window of a car, pleading with his eyes for my help, and a commitment was ignited in my heart to find a way to respond to the needs of hundreds of these children known all over Senegal, as the Talibes.


The dream began to come into fruition by 2013. Madam Bolle Diaw, my sister-in-law, invited me to participate in a religiously sponsored program she co-ordinates.  Annually, she collects donations to purchase and distribute to 100 talibes, blankets, clothing, and food.  

 Sponsored Writing Workshop in Dakar Senegal, 2002

 Saint Louis Senegal in 2001

United States
Dr. Patricia Williams Diaw.
114 Park Avenue. Suite 1B
Swarthmore. Pennslyvania  19081
484 326-1841
In West Africa
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Dakar Senegal 12500
International Telephone Number 
011 76 466 0584

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