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Patrica Wiliams Diaw, Ed.D. possesses thirty years of writing and editing know-how; she currently teaches English composition at a local junior college. Young and enthusiastic in the 1970s, she trained in book production at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. Later, she acquired skills in book content editing (mentors: Loretta Barrett and Marie Brown), at Doubleday Anchor Press. Several years freelancing (New York Amsterdam News and Black Enterprise) gained her a reputation as a solid journalist. She is the author of Recipe: Thirty-Two Poems about Life, Storytelling and Writing: Cognitive and Affective Learning, and published international scholar. A consummate writing career includes a five-year tenure as writing instructor for a community-based writing program serving 500 families. 


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Expert storyteller, writer, researcher, poet, journalist, and educator offers her time, interest, and skill to help you write well (proofreading, editing, revisions). If you prefer, as a credentialed expert, Diaw can write well for you (ghost write). Investing her heart and skills, she considers the question: how might the interests of my client be best served? Understanding the nature, scope, content, and context of the writing project, identifying the optimum approach and outlook for getting the job done efficiently, and visualizing a finished creation that exceeds highest expectations are  professional objectives. Writing, editing, and/or proofreading services are available; completion deadlines are respected. 


Diaw's poetry appeared in Essence Magazine (July, 2004)



Earlier in her writing career, she freelanced as a journalist writing for The New York Amsterdam News and Black Enterprise Magazine

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